What colour carpets show the least dirt?

The last thing anyone wants when purchasing and installing new carpet is for it to become immediately dirty. With busy home and office lives, unfortunately some dirt is inevitable. Especially if you have small children or pets. This means that choosing the right colour carpet for your home or commercial space is key to making sure it stays looking as fresh as possible. 

Although there are many flooring options widely available that may be better for cleaning and maintenance, high quality carpet has numerous advantages over other types of flooring thanks to its insulating properties and variety of beautiful designs. So, what colour carpet should you choose to avoid obvious dirt patches and keep your home and office looking great?


Here are our top picks for the best carpet colours. 


Dark Grey Carpets

Although darker carpets can make smaller rooms feel more enclosed, dark grey carpet is a great option for busy households or office spaces. Not only is it an on-trend modern colour, which means you are more likely to find lots of options, styles, and colour tones to suit your tastes, it does an excellent job of hiding dirt that may be walked in. 

Grey is a neutral colour which allows it to work well with most interior décor, so you would not have to redecorate to match your carpet. 


Multi-toned Carpets

Buying a carpet with multi-tones of colour is a great option to hide marks and areas of dirt. This is due to the tricks it plays on the eye, as any dirt patches are likely to blend in. We would recommend avoiding bright colours, but multi-coloured or multi-tonal carpets in darker shades of neutral tones such as greens, blues and browns are ideal for hiding stains or marks until you can get your carpet cleaned!


Patterned Carpets

For the same reason as multi-coloured carpets, patterned carpets can hide any unsightly marks or patches of dirt, they will just make your eye think they are merged as part of the pattern. 

Patterned carpets are great for other visual tricks such as lengthening a hallway space or making an area feel larger or smaller depending on the pattern you choose, plus, they look great from an interior design perspective and can really show off your creativity!


Natural Colours

When we think of natural colours, this doesn’t mean cream or off-white! You should go for earth-toned coloured carpets such as browns, greens, blues, greys, and oranges. These help hide dirty marks and can help lengthen the time needed in between vacuuming and cleaning. 

Try to choose darker tones in the colour wheel, rather than lighter ones. As these are all currently on trend, you should be able to find a colour to suit your current décor, whether you have a contemporary look or prefer a more traditional looking space. 


Considering functionality and design

Colour can have a significant effect on how your home or office not only looks but the ambience created as well. You should always consider the style, design, and colour of your carpets carefully. We would recommend choosing a carpet provider that offers you free samples, such as Flooring Superstore, as this can help you make the correct decision on what would work best in your space. 

If you have areas of your home or office with high foot traffic, then try to stick to the colour advice in this blog post. If you are carpeting an area where dirt is not such a problem, then you have the option for much lighter colour shades and tones. And please remember, if you have a darker carpet, try to opt for a much paler colour on your walls, this will help keep the room open and not feel as dark or enclosed. 


Steps you can take to help

As well as buying the correct coloured carpet, there are other steps you can take to minimise the dirt on your floor. 

To look after your carpet, you will need to vacuum it regularly and take care of any spillages quickly, so they do not stain. We do recommend that you get your carpets cleaned professionally every two to three years to help it maintain its look throughout its lifetime. 

We would also recommend using floor mats, particularly if the carpet leads to an entryway, as this can prevent edges fraying and stops dirt being tracked into your lovely new carpet! 

If you do have a spillage or stain, do not rub it hard or over-wet the carpet as this can cause damage. Blot the stain then use a carpet cleaner, stain remover or carpet shampoo to help get rid of any marks.  


Want to know more?  

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