Bathroom Flooring Ideas to Inspire You

When it comes to bathroom flooring, you may think that you only have a limited number of options. However, here at the Flooring Superstore we want you to embrace your creativity and make your bathroom an amazing space without losing any of the functionality needed in a room that’s primary purpose is to get wet!


The natural effect 

Wood or stone flooring can be a simply stunning addition to any home, with a timeless grace. However, when it comes to bathrooms, you may be rightly concerned about the moisture and humidity causing damage and staining to your floor. So, what are the alternatives?


  • Vinyl: Vinyl flooring is a great choice for your bathroom as the use of PVC in its construction makes it highly waterproof, with sheet vinyl providing a completely sealed surface are, while luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), which are usually installed using a click-lock system, have fully waterproof joint seals – ideal for bathrooms or wet rooms. Not only is it cheaper to purchase and install than wood or stone flooring, but you can also get vinyl flooring products in a range of natural effect designs, including wood, marble, stone. Giving you a level of realism in visual and textural finishes that replicate natural flooring well.  



  • EvoCore: Thanks to advances in manufacturing techniques, EvoCore laminate flooring is ahead of the game when it comes to flooring. Although laminate is traditionally problematic in high-moisture rooms due to the heat and water causing the fibreboard layer to warp, EvoCore have not only created a waterproof laminate floor, but have done so with a wide variety of natural look finishes. Giving you the aesthetic of natural flooring without the issues!


So, if you want a natural look in your bathroom, explore your options, find a design, and finish that can give your bathroom a classic, ageless feel. 


Get creative with colour

Long gone are the days where you were limited in your flooring choices. Flooring manufacturers are fully embracing the creativity of interior design and offering more options than ever when it comes to colour. 

Grey is a hot colour trend right now and is remarkably versatile if you want it to work with the bathroom suite you already have. Cooler greys can complement warmer colours whilst dark grey is a great way of adding depth and sophistication to your bathroom. 

Colour doesn’t have to be boring though, blues and greens are popular interior design colour choices and can work well in smaller bathrooms to add creativity without making the space feel small. 

If you prefer a natural finish but still want to add a pop of colour, vinyl, laminate and EvoCore flooring all have a range of natural effects in a variety of colour finishes, from neutral tones to rich, opulent colours, so you don’t have to feel constrained by traditional whites and creams. 

Top tip: Add extra colour to your bathroom flooring with freestanding plants. 


Choose patterns

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are the latest advancement in flooring, combining durability, water resistance and fantastic designs to create the complete flooring solution. This makes them ideal for bathrooms if you want a cost-effective but beautiful design. 

As well as the traditional marble and slate offerings, you can get vinyl tiles or floor tiles in an array of patterns and colours to suit all tastes, even for those on the more creative end of the scale! 

Herringbone and chevron patterns are popular choices for smaller spaces such as bathrooms as they trick the eye into thinking the room is longer than it is, add to that the beautiful colours available in these patterns and you can create a flowing feel without the pattern being too overpowering for bathrooms. 

If you are wanting something a little different, then try our little different range. Here at the Flooring Superstore, we understand everyone’s needs to be varied and have a beautiful variety of unusual patterns or designs to create the ultimate wow factor. Even for a bathroom! 


Install underfloor heating

Everyone wants to feel warm when they come out of the bath or shower and underfloor heating is a great idea for your bathroom. Not only that, but combined with the correct flooring type, underfloor heating can be energy efficient and save you money in the long term. 

To get the most out of installing underfloor heating in your bathroom then you need to consider the flooring on top of it. Carpet is a no-no, as is solid wood, so what are your options?

  • Engineered wood: This usually boasts good structural stability which transfers heat efficiently. Engineered hardwood performs particularly well with underfloor heating systems and is available with a variety of design finishes, so you don’t have to compromise appearance for functionality. 


  • Vinyl: When installed over underfloor heating, vinyl flooring really comes into its own. A thin layer of foam is used to provide cushioning, with a layer of synthetic material laid over it. The result is a durable product that delivers stylish floor coverage in a range of patterns, colours, and designs, while still allowing efficient heat transfer from underfloor heating systems.


  • Laminate: Although laminate may not be the best choice for bathrooms, the structure of its manufacture ensures that it has good thermal conductivity and is less prone to warping because of the heat. Choose one of the great ranges of EvoCore products to make sure your laminate flooring is waterproof!



How Flooring Superstore can help 

If you want to redesign your bathroom, or you are starting your bathroom project from scratch then we can help you find the right floor for your bathroom. We provide quality constructed low-cost options to high end products, suitable for all budgets, as well as offering a wide variety of different flooring types in contemporary and traditional styles, colours, and patterns. Advances in design and manufacturing techniques allow designs and styling in our laminate, vinyl and EvoCore ranges to very closely mimic actual wood, stone, and marble products, so you get a beautiful natural effect – without the added cost.   

We also offer a free sampling service to our customers, which allows a selection of up to four samples from our product ranges. Samples are a great way of helping you choose the bathroom floor for you, not just to make sure that whatever style you select looks great, but to also ensure that your floor can fit your individual requirements for use.     

If you need any help or advice on any bathroom flooring, including our EvoCore range, then please get in touch with us today to discuss your next project, get a quote, or order your free samples.      

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