Introducing our Range of EvoCore Flooring

In terms of design, laminate flooring has come a long way in recent years. Innovation in manufacturing and artistry has resulted in the availability of a wider range of options than ever before. However, despite all those technological advancements, it can still be difficult to find a flooring product or system that truly delivers on all requirements in a cost-effective way. This is where EvoCore comes in - delivering a modern laminate flooring solution that is specifically designed for home-wide versatility, without breaking budgets.


The name EvoCore stems from the idea of evolution, highlighting the fact that this product represents an evolutionary leap in the laminate flooring arena. EvoCore delivers specific ranges of styles that dispense with the notion of compromise. You no longer need to identify your priorities before choosing your flooring. Gone are the days of sacrificing style or texture for toughness or moisture protection. Each EvoCore product is fully waterproof and highly durable, featuring stain-guard and anti-slip technology as standard. The installation process is simplified and streamlined with click-lock fitting systems. Every range includes highly realistic colours and textures of wood and stone, providing opportunities to achieve stunning and inspired designs. These features combine to make EvoCore the best choice for any interior space or aesthetic goal.


The EvoCore ranges

EvoCore consists of six ranges of laminate flooring that boast EvoCore technology along with designs to suit any décor. Each product can withstand high footfall in busy residential and commercial spaces. Their design makes them ideal for use with children and pets, and their ease of installation helps keep costs down.

  • Essential – The EvoCore Essential range includes a variety of realistic wood designs, as well as San Marco Slate tile. These options, combined with its fully waterproof structure and built-in underlay layer make it suitable for any interior space. 
  • Premium – The EvoCore Premium range is characterised by thicker boards with a built-in underlay layer. It features wood designs in a variety of board length, including herringbone, along with realistic stone tile designs.
  • 360 – The innovative EvoCore 360 range features a simple and effective omni-click fitting system. This makes it possible to ‘mix and match’ colours, textures, and designs to striking effect, and is quick and easy to use.
  • Nature – The EvoCore Nature range delivers planks topped with a layer of real wood. This creates a thicker board, providing comfort and quality along with real-wood styles.
  • Origins – The EvoCore Origins range is made entirely from recycled materials, including its in-built cork underlay. This makes it not only the environmentally sound choice, but also a great option for highly realistic textures and patterns.
  • Design – The EvoCore Design range features stickdown luxury vinyl flooring in both plank and tile format. The use of glue-down installation enhances the hard-wearing nature of this vinyl product as well as its versatility in layout.


EvoCore Flooring: The FAQs

Q. Which type of space suits EvoCore Flooring best?

A. EvoCore Flooring products are designed to be the ideal choice for any interior space. Each entry in the range is fully waterproof and protected against stains. This means they are equally appropriate for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as living spaces, dining spaces, bedrooms, and high traffic areas, like hallways. The board thickness and realistic textures make these flooring ranges comfortable underfoot, ensuring that they are suitable for spaces used by children and pets alike.


Q. How should EvoCore Flooring be cleaned?

A. The waterproof nature of EvoCore Flooring products, along with its stain protection technology, means that cleaning is simple and easy. Wiping or mopping with soapy water is sufficient to bring the laminate flooring back to optimum, clean condition. The fact that no special cleaning or maintenance products are required helps to make EvoCore a highly cost-effective choice of laminate flooring.


Q. Is EvoCore Flooring compatible with underfloor heating systems?

A. EvoCore Flooring products are compatible with underfloor heating. The flooring has been tested for changes under stress in a broad range of environmental conditions, including heat, and EvoCore has been proven to remain fully stable in temperatures up to 38oC. Where electrical underfloor heating systems are used, it is the manufacturer’s recommendation that a maximum of 60W/m2 be used, with temperature capped at 27oC. This helps to ensure the longevity of this cost-effective laminate flooring system.  


Q. What kind of underlay do I need to use with EvoCore Flooring?

A. The EvoCore Essential, Premium and Nature ranges feature built-in foam underlay. This means additional underlay purchases are not required, and the laminate floor itself provides insulation, comfort, noise reduction and the minimisation of imperfections in the sub-floor. Similarly, the EvoCore Nature range features a built-in 1.5mm layer of cork underlay which provides the same benefits. The EvoCore 360 range requires underlay that is customised to that product range. This is due to the versatility of design in this product, and the way in which boards and tiles can be combined. The EvoCore Design range also requires additional underlay.


Q. Can I cut EvoCore Flooring to size?

A. When buying laminate flooring, it is essential to measure the area accurately before ordering. Interior spaces and rooms are rarely fully square, however, and there may well be features around which your new flooring will need to fit. In these circumstances, you may need to cut laminate boards or tiles before they are installed. EvoCore Flooring boards and tile can all be cut to size, if necessary. Best results are achieved with either a tile cutter or a fine tooth saw. 


Q. Does EvoCore Flooring come with a warranty?

A. All EvoCore Flooring products are covered by a warranty. For the Premium, 360, and Nature ranges, EvoCore provides a lifetime residential warranty. For the Design range, EvoCore provides a 15-year residential warranty. For the Essential and Origins ranges, the warranty is for 10 years. Each range also provides warranties for commercial installation.


To find out more about EvoCore Flooring, and to order free samples to your door, call Flooring Superstore today, on 03308 182 500.