Vinyl Plank Flooring Trends

Like all things, the interior design realm moves in phases, with the market regularly spiking noticeable trends. While some people try to avoid adopting modern trends in favour of more traditional décor, assuming that these will provide more longevity of style, it is possible to analyse trends for those with potential staying power. This is very important when it comes to choosing flooring and, as time has shown, vinyl plank flooring is a trend that is only growing in popularity.


What is vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is also known as luxury vinyl plank, and it is this ‘luxury’ part that makes it stand out from the flooring options crowd. The idea of vinyl flooring often evokes memories of thin sheets of ‘lino,’ that are easily damaged. Modern technology has greatly improved the vinyl floor arena, however. Today, sheet vinyl floor is more hardwearing, and alternative vinyl floor options - including luxury vinyl plank - are now readily available. This means flooring can be created that combines the convenience of vinyl flooring with the appearance and complexity of wood or laminate planks.


In terms of structure, vinyl plank flooring consists of multiple layers of robust material – a backing layer, a design layer, a clear film and a protective layer – all of which makes the product much thicker than sheet vinyl. It is also more rigid, which allows it to be installed by clicking planks together, like laminate. The depth of the product means that design options have also developed to include highly realistic effects in appearance.


2022 vinyl plank flooring trends

There is much to consider about vinyl plank flooring. The range of products on offer in the modern marketplace means choices need to be made around type, style, and colour. There are updated trends in each of these areas that can help you select the right vinyl plank flooring product for your space.




Within the area of vinyl plank flooring, there are different types of product from which you can choose. Those currently most popular include:

  • Luxury vinyl planks (LVP)Luxury vinyl planks are extremely hardwearing, but not waterproof. This makes them a cost-effective way to achieve high quality, durable flooring with realistic wood grain prints in areas other than kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Wood plastic composite (WPC) – This is essentially vinyl plank flooring that is fully waterproof, being constructed around a special waterproof core. It is a popular choice for every internal space but is most often seen in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Stone plastic composite (SPC) – This is a newer variation of WPC and is constructed around a core that has a rigidity similar to concrete. As a result, it is immensely robust while also being waterproof - thereby delivering impressive longevity and toughness.





Vinyl plank flooring lends itself best to styles that mimic solid wood flooring. Since wood flooring never goes out of style, this makes vinyl plank flooring a long-term popular trend. Modern manufacturing methods in the decorative design layer can create very specific, highly effective looks, resulting in the most popular wood-effect trends.

  • Oak – Oak remains a favourite choice for wood floors, which is why it is among the top trends for vinyl plank flooring. Its mixture of neutral tones combined with natural elongated grains make it the ideal background for the rest of the décor of a room.
  • Acacia – This style of vinyl plank flooring provides a higher degree of contrast within the design, meaning that the natural patterns in the wood are more striking in colour and tone.
  • Pine – Pine is a popular choice for vinyl plank flooring because it creates a lighter palette while highlighting the wood grain. It also complements many styles of wood furniture well.
  • Maple – In wood flooring, maple is a classic material, and vinyl plank flooring mimics the mid-range brown tones of this type of wood well.
  • Walnut – Deeper tones are the hallmark of walnut which helps this style of vinyl plank flooring depict bold and striking patterns in the tone blends and wood grain.
  • Hickory – With lighter tones and more intricate wood grain, hickory is a vinyl plank flooring product that is well suited to both traditional and modern décor choices.

In addition to the colour and grain patterns of these styles, the designs of vinyl plank flooring also incorporate a range of textured effects. These are also very popular trends. 


  • Distressed – This vinyl plank flooring design is specially created to take on an antique appearance. This may include scrape marks, and even small holes. 
  • Bevelled edges – Micro and painted bevelled edges help to create more definition between planks, highlighting the individual design on each. This helps to make the appearance of the wood flooring even more realistic.
  • Hand scraped – Giving the impression of long scrapes along each board, the hand scraped texture accentuates the uniqueness of every plank.
  • Wire brushed – Wire brushing creates a more uniform texture effect than other methods, resulting in a look of exposed wood within the uppermost design layer of the vinyl plank flooring.
  • Registered embossing – Embossed vinyl plank flooring means the texture fully reflects the wood depicted in the design layer. This makes it both look and feel like real wood.




Vinyl plank flooring trends in 2022 are leaning heavily toward lighter tones and desaturated palettes. These are colours that work well with both contemporary and traditional interior designs and, specifically, help to accentuate and maximise the natural light in any space. 

  • Grey – Vinyl plank flooring that features grey tones is among the most popular of vinyl flooring designs. The wood appearance coupled with the neutral depth of grey, white and black blended hues creates a modern palette that can complement any décor.
  • High colour variation – A striking rustic style floor can work well with any interior design choices and vinyl plank flooring featuring high colour variation is therefore very popular. Incorporating a rich depth of tone and texture along with a design that ensures the individuality of each board, high colour variation brings natural beauty into any space.

The popularity of 2022 trends in vinyl plank flooring suggest that these styles and colours will soon become classics, thanks to advances in technology and the resulting increases in quality. Call Flooring Superstore today to find out more, on 03308 182 500.