Interior Design Trends 2022

Interior design is hugely important to how we feel and live in our homes and office spaces. The past few years have seen a huge change in how we decorate and with the pandemic forcing most of us to spend a considerable proportion of our time at home, there has been a renewed focus on interior design and how we spend our time in our own spaces.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we have put together a list of the most popular interior design trends for 2022. From environmentally conscious decorating choices, a more natural colour palette and statement lighting, there are plenty of trends and ideas to help you decide how to best decorate your home. 


Bringing nature indoors

A popular trend last year that is set to continue throughout 2022 is bringing the calming influence of the outdoors – inside. With restoring greens and calm blues being the colours of choice to bring a balance between your interior and exterior spaces, adding plants of varied sizes around your home can bring an added sense of natural life and peace throughout. Leafy hanging plants are seeing a resurgence and are a fantastic way of adding some green to your home without taking up too much space. 

Natural textures such as wood and stone can also help harmonise your indoor spaces with the feeling of nature. Wood furniture and flooring can add warming tones, whilst stone or stone effect tiles in your kitchen or bathroom can give a sense of the outside while also factoring in the practicality and functionality needed from those rooms. 


Sustainable interior design

With climate change high on everyone’s radar, a lot of people are looking for more sustainable choices when it comes to home décor. 

Natural materials are set to be the most popular trend of 2022 and with manufacturers and companies looking to adapt to a greener movement, there are now more options than ever for choosing furniture, furnishings, and flooring to decorate and accessorise your home more consciously. 

Sustainable décor doesn’t just mean filling your home with bamboo and hemp. You can also choose eco-friendly products for around your home, use recycled materials, upcycle your current furniture or use a company that is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint like Flooring Superstore. 


Statement Lighting

Your lighting is key to providing the atmosphere you want in your home. It can turn an ordinary room into something glamorous, luxurious, modern, or cosy. Lighting should always be considered as a wider part of your interior design and statement lighting is expected to be a big hit this year. Gone are the boring lampshades of years past and coming in are statement floor lamps, wall lighting and hanging pendant lights. Even a chandelier or two if you are looking for added luxury. 

These dramatic pieces can be found in a range of styles to fit your preferred aesthetic. Industrial and rustic style lighting are now particularly popular, especially with exposed bulbs. 

However, it is important to remember to think carefully about your lighting choices. You want it to highlight the areas of the room you need to, such as a feature wall, to brighten up your space or simply to add light to a reading spot. 


Rustic wood flooring 

Traditional wood flooring has long been a classic choice and has traditionally been used to create a homely “rustic'' feel to a space. With the emergence of ‘countrycore’ a design trend that has romanticised farmhouse culture and has been popular for the last couple of years, adding wood flooring is seen as a key element to create a more rustic living space. 

Brushed wood planks are particularly on trend as they bring out the natural texture and grain of the wood, giving a rustic yet comforting ambience to a room. Go for unfinished planks for a shabby chic look, or oiled or lacquered for a more luxurious feel underfoot.  


Natural colour tones

Natural colour hues and tones are back in this year. Tying in with the nature and rustic themes that are expected to be popular in 2022, a neutral colour palette can be applied to walls, floors, and furnishings to open up your space and add some zen to your home. 

Beiges, creams, and light greys can complement most homes and accessories, so if you don’t want the expense of a full redecorating project, choose to either paint your walls, or simply buy some new furnishings, lighter coloured curtains are an excellent choice to make a room feel more relaxing. 

If you have unfinished wood flooring, you have the option to paint it in the colour of your choice, or keep the raw, natural look of the wood grain. 


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