What accessories do I need when fitting laminate flooring?

When you need an affordable yet stylish floor, laminate flooring is an excellent choice. It is made from a high-density fibreboard and has a highly realistic decorative top layer, usually to mimic wood or stone patterns. It is not only flexible but it resists moisture and scratches, and offers a durable alternative to solid and engineered hardwood flooring. 

Here at Flooring Superstore we have a wide range of laminate options. You can add authenticity and character to your home with our traditional oak laminate flooring, available in a variety of natural light and dark tones. Or if modern design is more your style, then our tiled effect laminate flooring comes in luxurious marble, mosaic, and stone effects. As one of the cheapest forms of wood flooring on the market, laminate is extremely popular for home projects.

So, once you have chosen and purchased your laminate flooring, what now?

Installing laminate flooring is quick and easy - it simply snaps and locks together without glue, making it a fantastic option for anyone wanting to do it themselves. However, before you start you should know what accessories you need to make sure you get the best results when laying your laminate flooring, allowing it to look its best for years to come. 


Before Installation

Before installing any laminate flooring there are a few things you need:


  • Floor Fitting kit 


If you are planning to fit your laminate flooring yourself, then a floor fitting kit is essential. It contains all the tools you need to be able to complete your floor quickly and easily such as spacers, a tapping block and mallet. 


  • Moisture Barrier


If you are installing your laminate on a concrete floor, then a moisture barrier helps protect it from the damage caused by moisture rising. It is also sometimes referred to as Damp proof Membrane or DPM and can be used underneath an underlay and is also suitable to use if you have under-floor heating systems. 


  • Vapour or moisture tape


Like the moisture barrier, moisture barrier tape uses a high tack adhesive to bond to other moisture resistant underlays which secures your floor from rising damp. Without this, rising damp can still penetrate through the joins in the underlay. 


  • Underlay


Underlay for laminate flooring is the most essential thing to consider before you start installing your floor. It is available in various types and thicknesses. If you want to forgo the DPM layer, you can get underlay with a moisture barrier built in such as the Timberlay Gold Underlay. It also helps reduce heat loss and at a time where energy usage is a huge factor in households across the country, it is a fantastic option. 

If you are wanting to make sure your project materials are eco-friendly, then the Timberlay Eco Enhance is an environmentally friendly choice. Available here https://www.flooringsuperstore.com/timberlay-eco-enhance-3mm-underlay.html this underlay is made from 100% recycled materials and is made in the UK. 

Noise insulation is also something you may want to factor into your underlay. Our Evocore 360 underlay not only reduces foot noise by up to 19dB but it also has an easy fold out system, making it easier to cut and install. 


  • Door bars & Cover strips 


If the laminate floor you are planning to install is adjacent to another floor with a different type of flooring, then you will need to purchase door bars or covers trips. If you are joining laminate to carpet then you will need a door bar. If needing to cover the transition between laminate flooring to tile, then you will need to purchase a cover strip. 


  • Radiator Rings 


Radiator rings are round circles of laminate flooring that have circular holes pre-cut so you can install your laminate flooring around radiators more easily. Discreet and easy to install, if you have a radiator in the room you are planning to install your laminate flooring in, we will highly recommend the purchase of these accessories. 


  • Skirting Boards


If you need to cover any expansion gaps (although unlikely with laminate flooring) or simply like the look of skirting boards in your home, then this is something you should consider. Available in a range of different heights and finishes, you can use them against the walls in your home. 


  • Scotia Beading


Scotia beading sits against the skirting boards in your home and can add the perfect finishing touches to your flooring. They are available in a range of colours so you can match to your chosen style. 


After installation

Once you have installed your new laminate flooring, you will want to keep it looking as beautiful as possible and here at Flooring Superstore we have the ideal accessories to help. 


  • Felt pad furniture protectors


Adding furniture protectors onto the bottom of your furniture can be a great way of preventing indents and damage to your laminate flooring, especially if you intend to move your furniture around in the future. These are cheap to purchase and can be added to any furniture that has legs or feet such as tables or chairs.  


  • Cleaning and maintenance


Use a laminate flooring cleaning solution and soft mop. There are a wide range of laminate flooring cleaning solutions available from manufacturers, hardware shops or online stores. Using ordinary cleaners, especially oil-based ones, can affect the sealant that is applied to the top layer of your laminate flooring, so it is essential to find a laminate-friendly product for use when you are cleaning. This ensures you keep your new floor clean without damage. 


Need help? Ask us 

Here at Flooring Superstore, we are experts in laminate flooring, not only do we stock a huge range of effects and colours, but we have all the accessories you need when fitting laminate flooring, as well as a help centre for all your flooring questions!

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