Get Inspired with Grey Vinyl Flooring

The idea of incorporating grey vinyl flooring into your interior design may sound dull and uninteresting, but nothing could be further from the truth – especially when it comes to flooring. Your floor space is among the largest surface areas of any room which means the type of flooring you choose and the design that it features can have a significant impact in terms of overall style. Grey is particularly versatile in flooring because it can be used to provide a muted background against which colour can be used – in furniture, wall coverings or window dressings. It is also very effective when used to add patterns that are geometric or natural in design.

The benefit of vinyl 


The Imperia vinyl flooring range includes grey colours in striking wood, stone and tile designs. Each product boasts a 2.3mm thickness with a 0.15mm wear layer uppermost in the structure. It provides outstanding resistance against scratches and slips and is very low maintenance in general. Options in grey include:

Hadley Tiles – This design creates the stunning appearance of rectangular slate tiles, with all the complexity of shade and texture accurately captured.
Dorchester Tiles – With the texture of stone, this design features a statement hexagonal pattern that incorporates a range of grey hues against white grouting.
Aster/Ivy Staggered Oak – Both the Aster and Ivy Staggered Oak designs mimic wood flooring with varied grey tones. This product is particularly striking as its narrow planks and angled ends create an unusual pattern. Phantom Oak – Featuring a combination of ebony hues and pale grey undertones, Phantom Oak vinyl flooring has the appearance of solid oak planks, complete with beautiful natural grain and texture.


The Wiltshire range of vinyl flooring includes designs that have the appearance of wood and tile. These highly slip-resistant products are 2.3mm thick with a 0.15mm wear layer, and many of them use shades of grey to create stunning effects that would suit both rustic and modern room styles. Tile designs – The Twilight Slate, Snowdrift, Country, and Charcoal Slate Wiltshire styles combine degrees of grey tones with elements of black to create the depth and texture of slate tile. Wood designs – Depicting planks of varied width, length and angle, the Stone Oak, Frost Oak, Distressed Parquet, and Carbon Parquet all take blends of grey tones to build the natural grain and appearance of solid wood.


The Arizona vinyl flooring range focuses on a beautiful mosaic tiled effect - some of which incorporate muted colours alongside grey tones, and some of which use a monochrome palette. This makes the Arizona range highly versatile in terms of the overall aesthetic that can be achieved, and the colours with which it can be used. The Floral Tiles part of this broad range includes Smokey, Rainy, Onyx, Ocean, Dove, Denim, Country, Cottage, Chrome, Cabin, and Aegean designs. These products all incorporate shades of grey within striking patterns of varied detail.

Reclaimed Wood

The Reclaimed Wood range of vinyl flooring delivers luxury, comfort and style at an affordable price. Boasting a 2.8mm thickness with a 0.20mm wear layer, it is the attention to detail within these designs that create the appearance of real wood. As the name suggests, these designs are intended to depict the use of wood that has been reclaimed or re-purposed as flooring, which means that each style within the range incorporates a ‘distressed’ look, or machine mark details. The products - including Smoked Oak, Distressed Oak, Mocha Oak, Distressed Herringbone, Abalone Oak, Alabaster Oak, and Chevron Oak - centre a variety of grey tones, contrasted across creatively mis-matched planks. The result is a modern, chic effect that makes a bold, cost-effective statement in any space.


The Monochrome range of vinyl flooring provides a broad variety of patterns featuring different shades of grey. This results in stunning designs that mimic mosaic tile and stone. The product provides 2.5mm thickness with a 0.25mm wear layer for comfort, durability and slip resistance.
Stone designs – The Graphite Stone and Chic Concrete designs within the Monochrome range blend shades of grey with softer white hues to create the texture of stone and concrete material. This effect is then finished with a darker, faded, printed pattern of geometric shapes.
Tile designs – The Smoke Diamond, Diamond Black, Grey Harlequin, and Diamond Grey designs feature big, bold shapes across square tiles. By contrast, the Bold Weave, Slate Links, Kaleidoscope, Antique, Mosaic Black, and Geometric Grey designs feature more intricate patterns that combine to create a striking grey vinyl flooring solution.

The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to grey vinyl flooring, and the wide range of designs and effects can be truly inspiring with regard to the style of the rest of the space. Whether your overall goal is a modern aesthetic or something a little more rustic, grey vinyl flooring in luxury vinyl tiles will always complement those choices perfectly. Call Flooring Superstore today to find out more on 03308 182 500.