Best Selling Laminate Flooring

When it is time to update or initially install your Laminate Flooring, the research required can be overwhelming. The internet is an incredible tool that provides a wealth of information at your fingertips, but it can be difficult to know where to start. This is where bestselling product lists can provide valuable insight. Countless people have been in the same position, asking the same questions about flooring types and installations, and their final purchase choices reflect the outcome of their own research. That makes bestselling product lists an excellent, crowdsourced launch point for your own laminate flooring project. 

Why choose laminate flooring?

Interior design is awash with options regarding colour and style, but flooring choices are among the most fundamental in any space. While the floor area represents one of the largest surfaces in the room, it is also the surface that works the hardest. Between footfall and furniture placement, your flooring choice needs to withstand wear and tear in a way that doesn’t apply to any other parts of the space. Laminate flooring provides a broad range of style and colour, while also delivering low maintenance durability.

Laminate flooring is constructed using high density fibreboard which is then covered in a decorative layer featuring highly realistic designs. When paired with the most suitable underlay, each of these laminate flooring products provides a multi-layered solution that adds to interior insulation while also forming part of your overall aesthetic.


Our top 10 bestselling laminate flooring

All our laminate flooring ranges are environmentally friendly products, using wood from sustainable sources. Our bestselling products also feature anti-bacterial technology, helping you to safely maintain the optimum condition of the flooring for longer. 


  1. Natural Oak – Super 12mm. A natural wood effect design combines with fantastic board dimensions to make the Natural Oak Super 12mm our bestselling laminate flooring product. This laminate is a versatile choice for any space – whether your chosen aesthetic is rustic and traditional, or more modern in style. A blend of light brown tones featuring grain textures and knots create warmth, while still being bright enough to accentuate the natural light in the space. The 12mm board thickness and 1375mm length make the Natural Oak Super 12mm a cost-effective, hard-wearing flooring solution, while the Clic System simplifies installation.
  2. Rhino Oak – Super 12mm. As part of the Super 12mm Clic System range of laminate flooring, Rhino Oak is our next bestselling product. Featuring grey hues that strike a neutral tone, this design suits any type of interior style. It provides depth and texture with organic grain patterns but creates a background palette suitable for a wide range of colour choices elsewhere in the space.
  3. Dark Grey – Loft. For busy spaces, our Dark Grey Loft laminate flooring provides an ideal solution at a great price, making it one of our bestselling products. The grey tones of the design suit any aesthetic and its blend of light and dark grains create beautiful flowing lines that draw the eye through the space. The result is an affordable laminate flooring solution that brings an attractive natural wood effect into the home in a highly cost-effective way.
  4. Palazzo Oak – Herringbone. With an 8mm thickness and a stunning angular board pattern, Palazzo Oak Herringbone is a great choice for areas with high levels of footfall. The warm oak tones combine with natural grain texture to deliver a striking flooring solution for any space. Its inherent moisture resistance can be further enhanced with the use of Impero Joint Protector, making this laminate flooring also suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
  5. Espresso Oak – Herringbone. Taking the beautiful Herringbone range design and adding a deeper twist, Espresso Oak Herringbone features a darker tone that really accentuates the natural grain and texture of the wood pattern. Measuring 8mm thick, this laminate flooring product provides a durable, moisture resistant, easily installed solution for any room.
  6. Harbour Oak – Villa. Harbour Oak Villa delivers a cost-effective alternative to solid oak flooring. The deeply textured pattern of the boards, combined with a 12mm thickness and 4-sided V-groove structure create a flooring solution that has the elegant appearance of solid wood, and the convenience of an easily maintained, robust laminate. This bestselling product will add warmth and rustic charm to any room.
  7. Natural Oak – Loft. When you need an affordable but stylish laminate flooring solution, our Natural Oak Loft product is the ideal choice. The light, natural oak hue highlights the subtle addition of warm caramel tones, creating a beautiful effect that is characterised by organic texture. The boards are hard-wearing and scratch-resistant, making this laminate flooring perfectly suited to busy rooms and high traffic areas.
  8. Slate Oak – Palermo Long. The Slate Oak Palermo Long laminate flooring is all about natural texture. The combination of organic oak tones and deeper accents creates boards that really highlight the striking patterns of wood grain. This ensures that the product closely reflects the appearance of solid wood flooring, with the durability of an AC5-rated, 12mm thick laminate.
  9. Timeless Oak Grey – Villa. Heavy traffic areas and busy spaces need an elegant, hard-wearing flooring solution, and our Timeless Oak Grey Villa delivers exactly that. With a modern, neutral grey tone, this product features a design that accentuates the natural wood grain pattern with the added benefit of easily maintained 12mm thick boards. The result is beautiful laminate flooring that suits any room design, is easy to install, and can withstand heavy usage.
  10. Gala Oak White – Villa. In a range full of unique aesthetics, Gala Oak White Villa laminate flooring delivers a striking paler tone that stands out from the crowd. This product features the beautiful texture and grain patterns needed to create the appearance of solid wood, while also generating a bright and airy atmosphere through its lighter colour. It is also a hard-wearing flooring solution, with 12mm board thickness and construction designed for durability.


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