Can I use laminate flooring in my kitchen?

Laminate flooring has seen an increase in popularity as it is a more affordable alternative to costly hardwood floors while still offering a wood, stone or tile effect. Despite its durability, many people have legitimate concerns over installing a laminate floor in their kitchen due to the possibility of moisture damage, so in this blog we detail the pros and cons of having a laminate floor in your kitchen and what we would recommend here at Flooring Superstore. 


What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is traditionally made with high-density fibreboard or synthetic material, with a high-definition printed layer of the required style, usually a reproduction of wood or stone and finished with a clear protection layer. It’s easy to install and is available in a wide range of colours and styles – both contemporary and traditional. 



  • Variety: Like wood flooring, laminate flooring comes in a variety of different colours, thicknesses, and grades, allowing you to find the perfect finish to fit your style.  
  • Price: One of the big advantages to laminate flooring is the cost. Cheaper per square metre on average than wood flooring, you can achieve the aesthetic you want at a smaller price. However, you should always check the quality of the laminate flooring you are planning on purchasing, as laminate for a ‘high-end’ look will be more expensive.  
  • Easy to clean: Laminate flooring is really easy to clean and maintain. Sweeping and hoovering up dirt is a straightforward process, and you can damp mop the floor to get it as good as new. 
  • Durability: Most current laminate flooring is scratch resistant, making it a great solution for households with pets or children, or even those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. 
  • Heat resistance: Compared to other flooring types such as wood, laminate has far better heat resistance. It can be installed over heating systems and is better in humid conditions. Not only that, it also does not feel cold underfoot, which is an ideal choice for those with young children. 
  • Installation: One of the best features of laminate flooring is the ease of installation. It can be ‘clicked’ together using the pre-designed grooves, no glue needed, which means you can do it yourself, without having the added cost of paying for the installation. 



  • Appearance: Although the appearance is similar to wood and manufacturing techniques have come a long way, you can tell when up close that laminate flooring is not real wood. It does not have the same depth or character as real wood, stone or tile flooring. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen with friends or family, then this will be noticeable. 
  • Water resistance: Laminate flooring has long been considered unsuitable for wet rooms such as a bathroom, as water can cause the fibreboard to swell and parts of it to break off. However, it can be suitable for kitchens as long as you make sure to clean up any liquid spills immediately to avoid moisture damage and avoid using a lot of water when cleaning and mopping. 
  • Durability: If well looked after, laminate can be expected to last around ten years, however, you are more at risk with laminate tears, damage and gouging caused by furniture and pets. Because it cannot be sanded or fixed, the only solution to considerable damage is having your laminate floor replaced.  


Flooring Superstore Recommendations

Ultimately, yes, you CAN use laminate flooring in your kitchen. The pros far outweigh the cons, especially if your budget is tight. However, if you are still concerned over getting your new laminate flooring wet, then we would recommend purchasing laminate flooring from our EvoCore flooring range. 


What is EvoCore flooring? 

EvoCore is an innovative range of laminate flooring that harnesses the most advanced technology to create products suitable for every space. Whichever requirements there are for the room, EvoCore has developed a flooring product that works. This includes being fully waterproof which is ideal for kitchens. Not only is your laminate flooring protected against moisture damage, but this range of flooring also includes stain guard technology. So, if you have a busy household or pets, cleaning and maintenance becomes really easy. The EvoCore laminate flooring also features simple click-lock installation systems and comprehensive warranties, helping to keep both initial and long-term costs down. Hardwearing, sustainable materials make EvoCore flooring the durable and eco-friendly choice, while hyper-realistic printing and textures ensure the laminate successfully mimics the look and feel of real wood, stone, or tile to match your home décor. 


How Flooring Superstore can help

If you have decided laminate flooring is the right floor for your kitchen, we provide quality constructed low-cost options to high end products. We offer a wide variety in contemporary and traditional styles, colours and patterns. The advances in design and manufacturing techniques allow designs and styling to very closely mimic actual wood, stone and marble products, so you get a beautiful natural effect – without the added cost.  

We also offer a free sampling service to our customers, which allows a selection of up to four samples from our product ranges. Samples are a great way of helping you choose the laminate floor for you, not just to make sure that whatever style you select looks great, but to also ensure that your floor can fit your individual requirements for use.    

If you need any help or advice on any laminate flooring, including our EvoCore range, then please get in touch with us today to discuss your next project, get a quote, or order your free samples.     


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