How To Remove Old Vinyl Tiles

If you are looking at replacing your old vinyl flooring with new, then your first job will be removing your vinyl tiles and getting your base ready for installation of your chosen floor. Removing tiles can be a hard job but here at Flooring Superstore we have all the advice, tips and tricks needed to make it as easy and as straightforward for you as possible. 


What tools will you need?

Before you start, it is always best to have the tools you need ready and to hand. Preparation is key! We would recommend the following:


  • Floor scraper: This is the main tool you will need to get up any vinyl on your floor. They are cheap to purchase and available from any hardware shops or online stores. 


  • Utility knife: A good utility knife is essential when removing or installing any type of flooring but is particularly good for taking up vinyl tiles. If you don’t have one already, you can easily find one at any good hardware shop. 


  • Stripping knife: Like a utility knife, a good stripping knife is needed during the second stage of adhesive removal. 


  • Heat gun: If you do not want to purchase a heat gun simply for one job, it is always worth looking into hire options. If not, a particularly powerful hairdryer can be used instead, however this may not work as well or be as quick.

Other items that you may need are a Hammer, screwdriver, chisel, cloths and a solvent thinner. 


Removing the vinyl tiles

The first thing you need to consider before starting removal is any base units that are in the area you are stripping. Often found in bathrooms or kitchens, many will have a base that will cover the gap between the floor and the unit. These are usually relatively easy to remove to give you access to the vinyl underneath, but if your units are permanently attached to either the wall or the floor, then you need to bear in mind you may have to cut around these. 


  • Step One

Starting at the edge, slide your floor scraper underneath a vinyl tile to prise it upwards. If you cannot get your floor scraper under a tile, then using your utility knife carefully cut out one tile to give you access to the rest. 


  • Step Two

Using a forwards and backwards motion, gently slide your scraper under the next vinyl tile until the tile feels free from the floor. You want to keep your scraper at low angle to the floor to avoid any damage to the floor underneath as you are scraping. Repeat this step until all the tiles have been removed. 

Although this is a time-consuming process, the above steps are the best and safest way to remove vinyl tiles and we would always recommend this method. 


Removing the adhesive left behind 

Once all the vinyl tiles have been removed, you may notice patches of unsightly adhesive left behind. To remove this and give you the best surface to install new flooring, follow the steps below: 


  • Step One

It is best to do this over a small area. Holding your heat gun around 15cm from the area you want to remove, gently warm up the glue so it becomes sticky and soft. Use your stripping knife to scrape off the adhesive. Repeat this step across your entire floor, cleaning your stripping knife each time using a damp cloth. 


  • Step two

If the glue has become hard, then you can use a hammer and chisel on a small area at a time to try and get the worst of it off. Remember to wear protective glasses in case of glue splinters. 


  • Step Three

Once you have the adhesive removed from your floor, scrub any glue marks leftover with a damp sponge or use a cloth and a solvent thinner. Remember to wear safety goggles and rubber gloves for this task as solvent thinners are harmful. 


Help from Flooring Superstore

If you have any questions about removal or installation of vinyl tiles, then help is at hand. Here at Flooring Superstore, we have a dedicated website help centre with advice and FAQs regarding all types of flooring. 

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