Our Ocean Cleanup Initiative

As well as planting trees and protecting habitats we are funding projects to help tackle the huge amount of plastic that is in our Oceans.

Plastic removed from the Ocean so far
The equivalent of

Collect - Sort - Clean - Recycle

We’ve teamed up with the ReSea Project in Indonesia and fund plastic removal on a monthly basis.

This project is making waves beyond the sea as it provides more jobs through the demand of local clean up teams. In turn, for those employed within clean up teams, this enhances income, living conditions, and the means to give their children: education, medical aid, proper nourishment and appropriate clothing.

All plastic collections are verified by third parties and are fully audited. Plastic is collected from the sea, cleaned, processed and recycled into new products.

Further to this partnership, we strive to develop innovative products that contribute to preserving our waters. So far we’ve introduced carpet underlay made from recycled plastic, and carpets made from nylon fish nets retrieved from the Ocean. And we won’t stop there! click here to find out more.