Vinyl Flooring

Durable, easy to look after and suitable for every room in the home, vinyl is the ideal easy to maintain flooring for your home or business. We stock a huge selection of vinyl in a wide range of styles, colours and thicknesses to ensure that you get the feel and comfort you want from your vinyl flooring at the right price.

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  1. Dakota - Weathered Tiles
    November Sale 44% Off
    Weathered Tiles
    Full Price:£17.99 /m²
    November Sale:£9.99 /m²
  2. Colorado - Parquet Stone
    November Sale 40% Off
    Parquet Stone
    Full Price:£17.99 /m²
    November Sale:£10.79 /m²
  3. Wiltshire - Snowdrift Tiles
    November Sale 33% Off
    Snowdrift Tiles
    Full Price:£16.49 /m²
    November Sale:£10.99 /m²
  4. Monochrome - Diamond Black
    November Sale 33% Off
    Diamond Black
    Full Price:£17.99 /m²
    November Sale:£11.99 /m²
  5. Monochrome - Geometric Grey
    November Sale 33% Off
    Geometric Grey
    Full Price:£17.99 /m²
    November Sale:£11.99 /m²
  6. Patterned Tiles - Powder Blue
    November Sale 33% Off
    Patterned Tiles
    Powder Blue
    Full Price:£17.99 /m²
    November Sale:£11.99 /m²
  7. Monochrome - Diamond Grey
    November Sale 33% Off
    Diamond Grey
    Full Price:£17.99 /m²
    November Sale:£11.99 /m²
  8. Carolina - Glacier Stone
    November Sale 30% Off
    Glacier Stone
    Full Price:£17.99 /m²
    November Sale:£12.59 /m²
  9. Arizona - Chrome Floral Tiles
    November Sale 35% Off
    Chrome Floral Tiles
    Full Price:£19.99 /m²
    November Sale:£12.99 /m²
  10. Oviedo - White Granite
    November Sale 20% Off
    White Granite
    Full Price:£17.99 /m²
    November Sale:£14.39 /m²
  11. Lucca - Wilton Stone
    November Sale 28% Off
    Wilton Stone
    Full Price:£24.99 /m²
    November Sale:£17.99 /m²
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