Laminate Flooring

If affordability and design are what you’re looking for then our range of laminate flooring is your answer. Made from a high-density fibreboard and covered in a hyper-realistic decorative layer, laminate is not only hard wearing but extremely versatile in design. Add authenticity and character to your home with our traditional oak laminate flooring available in a variety of natural light and dark tones. Or if modern design is more your style then our tiled effect laminate flooring is available in luxurious marble, mosaic and stone effects. As one of the cheapest forms of wood flooring on the market, laminate is extremely popular for home projects. Fitting laminate flooring is quick and easy too - it simply clicks together. For maximum results, don’t forget your laminate flooring underlay!

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  1. Verona Tile - Black Slate Laminate Flooring
    Autumn Sale 10% Off
    Verona Tile
    Black Slate
    Full Price:£19.99 /m²
    Autumn Sale:£17.99 /m²
    • 8mm Thickness
    • 2.24 Pack Size
    • 25 yrs Warranty
  2. Jubilee - Rossendale Oak Laminate Flooring
    Autumn Sale 37% Off
    Rossendale Oak
    Full Price:£29.99 /m²
    Autumn Sale:£18.99 /m²
    • 10mm Thickness
    • 1.73 Pack Size
    • 30 yrs Warranty
  3. Crown - Ealing Walnut Laminate Flooring
    Autumn Sale 26% Off
    Ealing Walnut
    Full Price:£26.99 /m²
    Autumn Sale:£19.99 /m²
    • 12mm Thickness
    • 1.33 Pack Size
    • 20 yrs Warranty
  4. Valencia Tile - Midnight Stone Laminate Flooring
    Autumn Sale 46% Off
    Valencia Tile
    Midnight Stone
    Full Price:£45.99 /m²
    Autumn Sale:£24.99 /m²
    • 8mm Thickness
    • 2.2 Pack Size
    • Lifetime Warranty
  5. Palazzo Tile - Strozzi Laminate Flooring
    Autumn Sale 50% Off
    Palazzo Tile
    Full Price:£69.99 /m²
    Autumn Sale:£34.99 /m²
    • 8mm Thickness
    • 1.99 Pack Size
    • 15 yrs Warranty
  6. Chequer Tile - Black High Gloss Laminate Flooring
    Autumn Sale 50% Off
    Chequer Tile
    Black High Gloss
    Full Price:£69.99 /m²
    Autumn Sale:£34.99 /m²
    • 8mm Thickness
    • 2.23 Pack Size
    • 15 yrs Warranty
  7. Chequer Tile - Black Matt Laminate Flooring
    Autumn Sale 50% Off
    Chequer Tile
    Black Matt
    Full Price:£69.99 /m²
    Autumn Sale:£34.99 /m²
    • 8mm Thickness
    • 2.23 Pack Size
    • 15 yrs Warranty
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