9 Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Home – External

9 Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Home – External

Welcome to part 1: Exterior Home Improvements.

We all know the property market is the most uncertain. With housing supply not correlating with demand and the introduction of new stamp duty fees, more people are choosing to stay in their current homes and renovate as opposed to moving. Property market experts are suggesting 2017 to be the year of the U-Turn. With overall growth in the housing market and the strong demand driving house prices back up in certain areas, we think it’s time to re-visit Zopa’s ‘which home improvements deliver the best return?’ to make sure your renovations are adding value to your home.

When we think about home improvements we instantly think expense, it’s time to disassociate from cost and start thinking long-term investment. The average home improvement adds 10% to the value of your home. Splashing the cash on that conservatory you’ve always wanted doesn’t sound too frightening when the average return on investment has seen peaks of 108%. We’re not saying go crazy on your next Laura Ashley shopping trip but what we are saying is be savvy with your spending and you’ll reap the benefits when the market recovers – a recorded average of £30,000!

To avoid an information overload, we are breaking this article down into 2 series; part 1 looks at the most beneficial exterior developments whilst part 2 will cover the interior.

Renovation 1 – Conservatory: www.pennineconservatories.com

Conservatories are a great way of adding an extra multi-use room to your home whilst also having a positive impact on the value of your property. Whether you’re looking for additional lounge space, an office or gym area, conservatories vary in shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.  Although you will need to sacrifice a section of your garden to accommodate it, you are in fact gaining an indoor garden space and another selling point for a potential buyer.

More often than not, a conservatory won’t be subject to planning permission or building regulations either. This means unlike an extension, you can avoid any additional costs. Adding value to the property is just one benefit of a conservatory, the personal touch is limitless as you choose the design, décor and styling to complement and elevate your home.

Pennine Conservatories are renowned for their extensive range of quality conservatories and a personable approach to customer service. They appreciate investing in your home can be a big decision but their profound experience and reputation installs trust in delivering high standards not only in the product, but installation and after care service too.

Renovation 2 – Garden: www.grass-direct.co.uk

Your garden is one of the most important features of your home, especially when trying to sell your property. As the initial place of contact for potential buyers, first impressions can be pivotal to attaining that all important offer. Overgrown grass, weeds and neglected furnishings are an instant put off – it’s extremely difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves entertaining guests or relaxing and soaking up the sun in a run-down garden. It also sets the expectation for the rest of your home.

Decking or paving is a great way to section your garden and a quick spray down with the jet washer will keep it looking fabulous too. When it comes to the lawn artificial grass takes away the chore of maintenance whilst creating a stunning feature all year round. Grass Direct have the UKs largest selection of artificial grass at a price to suit every budget. With 5 star reviews, price match guarantee, free samples and chosen day delivery, you can create your perfect garden quickly and cost-efficiently with Grass Direct.

Renovation 3 – Exterior: www.draindoctor.co.uk

The exterior of your home is also significant for first impressions; shabby upkeep reflects badly on the overall appearance. Windows, drainage, walls, guttering and roofing all require maintenance. Replacing any damaged roof tiles or treating external cracks will show you take pride the appearance of your property. Regular maintenance of your drainage and guttering systems can help avoid the more costly repairs, often due to simple blockages. Damaged guttering is an eyesore for potential buyers and can determine their overall decision on the property – especially if they think they will need to replace it!

Drain Doctor Plumbing offer a full maintenance service with no additional call out charges. Their expertise range from emergency drainage, guttering and plumbing services. Covering the whole of the UK,  they are renowned for their unbeatable customer service;  24/7/365 availability, fully equipped van for efficiency and pre-fixed pricing. Fix it once, fix it right, fix it forever with Drain Doctor Plumbing!

Renovation 4 – Extension: www.homebuilding.co.uk

Adding an extension is a great way of optimising your external space to add value to your home. Alike to the conservatory you do need to sacrifice a section of your garden, however the financial benefit outweighs the small loss of external land – especially for those who have an ample sized garden.

Whether you go for a 2 tier extension or single garden room, careful planning, sourcing, budgeting and time management is needed. Home Building & Renovating offer expert advice and extension design ideas. Find out everything you need to know about planning permission for your addition, and use their extension cost calculator to estimate how much your project will cost in advance.

Renovation 5 – Roof: www.findleyroofing.co.uk

Placing a property on the market with outstanding repairs gives buyers the ability to submit an offer significantly lower than the asking price; providing little room to manoeuvre. It also deters potential interest for those who are not prepared to carry out refurbishments. Keeping a well-insulated maintained roof avoids any potential stumbling blocks in terms of leakage and the more costly replacements. Loose tiles and damp can seam minor however these can sharp escalate into more significant problems.

Findley Roofing and Building are well established roofers with over 30 years’ experience in the industry and a personal yet professional approach.

So there we have it, the top 5 exterior home improvements to add value to your home. Whether you chose to benefit from them yourself or refurbish for future sale, these improvements will put you in good stead for a comfortable return on your investment; an average of 88% to be exact!

*We appreciate figures may fluctuate due to the uncertainty of the property market. All figures are taken prior to the property market slowdown to give an indication of what could be achieved once a full recovery is made. These are for guideline purposes only.

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